Shaping Smart Cities

    Comprehensive ICT and Digital Solutions Provider

    ActiV has over a decade of experience in several industries, serving thousands of Clients across 6 cities.

    Telecommunications Infrastructure

    From initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, testing to completion and handover, we handle all aspects of the project lifecycle and have a proven track record in the delivery of major communication networks.

    Enterprise IT

    An experienced systems integrator and consultancy, we take care of all your IT needs by offering the full suite of enterprise IT solutions needed for the setup or upgrade of offices in today’s digital first landscape.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    With the pervasive fusion of physical and digital worlds, our core expertise in ICT serves as the backbone for integrated Smart City systems that will shape both traditional and future industries.

    Software Engineering

    In the quest towards digitization, our experienced software engineers undertake complex projects with a systematic approach which results in user-centric software systems that integrate, streamline, and optimize existing business processes.


    At ActiV, now is the future, where human-robot collaboration is brought to reality. With the vision to improve the quality of lives through advanced technology, ActiV launched OTSAW in 2015, a robotics startup that produces autonomous robots which primary serve to augment, and not replace, humans.