Systems Implementation

What We Do

Beyond systems integration, we are here to understand, analyze and solve all your IT related pain-points.

Hardware setup

We support the full variety of hardware that includes Network-Attached Storage (NAS), servers and virtualization, and select the ones that best fit your needs.

Software configuration

Whether you require a setup of complex hardware software matrices or a simple software integration with existing systems, we undertake a rigorous testing process to ensure software compatibility in different browsers, versions, operating systems and networks.

Server Optimization

Beyond reducing the number of servers, we adopt a strategic approach to server optimization that will help you to save costs and simplify the IT environment. 2 effective strategies that are commonly employed are server virtualization and the use of server management tools.

Network Optimization

As your organisation grows, it is important to improve network performance to support increased network usage. We employ a variety of techniques such as IP tunnelling, port forwarding, load balancing and WAN optimization.

IT Security

With cyber crime on the rise, it is important to have measures in place against potential cyber attacks. From data backup to advanced endpoint protection, we provide comprehensive security solutions that will keep your data safe from looming online threats.


Regular maintenance of your IT systems is essential to keep them running smoothly and reduce risks of breakdown. If you do not have in-house IT support personnel, consider us as your extended full-time IT maintenance arm. From server hardware refresh to penetration testing, we provide the full spectrum of maintenance services that are customizable to your unique needs.


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