Smart City Infrastructure

What We Do

We shape urban landscapes with intelligent technologies that address environmental and social sustainability issues to improve the quality of lives of city dwellers.

ActiV Smart Tower

Beyond serving as an energy efficient street lamp, the Smart Tower functions as a social beacon that connects city dwellers, alerts authorities of imminent threats, and enables a wide surveillance scope.

Energy saving

Equipped with LED and solar panels, the ActiV Smart Tower drastically reduces energy consumption that will result in significant energy and cost savings when implemented in scale.

Hyperlocal detection

Sensors that can detect local temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and CO2 can be installed on the Smart Tower to collect environmental data and reliably transmit to the Tower for analysis.

Long range communication

Operating on a wireless mesh network that can be composed by a combination of wireless nodes and fibre optic cables, the ActiV Smart Tower is capable of providing reliable Internet access throughout the city.


The Smart Tower keeps streets safe through wide video surveillance views by IP network cameras installed on it, with live, high-bandwidth video feeds delivered reliably, securely and with low latency by the wireless mesh network. In the event of imminent threats such as fires, emergency buttons can be installed to instantly alert relevant authorities.

Customized for your Smart City needs. For more details on product specifications, contact us for an initial assessment.