Smart Utility Management

What We Do

We offer a comprehensive, fuss-free, and customizable utility management ecosystem of intelligent software and smart devices for your Smart Buildings.


An Israeli patented technology, SwitchBee is a comprehensive Smart Utility Management ecosystem of intelligent software and smart devices that enable a fuss-free switch to a Smart Building.

Comprehensive Platform Control Centre

Link all of your electrical devices (up to 250) to the SwitchBee central unit, and get complete control of them via instructions made through the SwitchBee smartphone app. Create your own dashboard on the app to configure settings to meet your needs, whether to schedule timers to turn off or dim switches at specified times, or when maximum energy usage has exceeded.

Fuss-free Installation

No rewiring or wall drilling needed to install the SwitchBee system. SwitchBee removes the need for batteries or neutral wire for a seamless fit with any type of light switch or housing.

Superior Operating Range

Operating on a proprietary 433Mhz frequency, signals are able to penetrate walls and other materials better than higher frequency protocols. Hence SwitchBee’s recommended Radio Frequency (RF) range is up to 100m indoors including both brick and reinforced concrete walls, and up to 500m outdoors.

Customized to your Smart Utility needs

Whether you want to set up your Smart Home, Smart Office, or Smart Building, SwitchBee’s modular system and wide variety of device offerings provide you with the solution that best fits your needs!