What We Do

OTSAW produces autonomous robots which primary serve to augment, and not replace, humans.

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OTSAW was launched by ActiV Technology in 2015 to improve business processes, safety, and everyday lives. With a global team of digital architects, OTSAW builds autonomous robots to reshape the security industry, implementing self-driving and artificial intelligence technologies into its cutting edge machines.

Outdoor Security: O-R3

O-R3, the flagship product of OTSAW, is an autonomous outdoor security robot, the new generation patrol guard redefining security at an unprecedented level.


The Business Times

Meet OTSAW O-R3's proprietary crime fighting robot solution to the security industry's manpower crunch. Armed with data-collecting sensors to detect security abnormalities, the O-R3 is the watchdog that never sleeps.

Financial Times

With its friendly bug eyes and outline reminiscent of a smart-car, this vehicle… is actually the latest in robotics security…