Outdoor Security: OTSAW O-R3

What We Do

We develop, manufacture and deploy customized autonomous outdoor robots to patrol and protect your premises 24/7.

OTSAW's Autonomous Security Robot

O-R3 is OTSAW’s outdoor autonomous security robot, the new generation patrol guard redefining security at an unprecedented level. By integrating self-driving and artificial intelligence technologies with exceptional data gathering and analysis capabilities, O-R3 provides an innovative and crucial support to security teams to prevent and deter crime.


Powered by a confluence of computer vision, 3D SLAM, sensor fusion, 360-degree vision and advanced machine learning technology, O-R3 is able to patrol streets, pathways, and open spaces, avoid static and dynamic obstacles, and return-to-base when its energy runs out. The data gathered by cameras and sensors is processed in real-time. Computer vision with advanced machine learning based surveillance technology, alerts your security guards at the command centre to anomalous situations, enabling them to take appropriate countermeasures as necessary.

Augments security operations

OTSAW O-R3 helps your company to increase efficiency and effectiveness of security operations. Real-time alerts, and context-specific alarms provide you at any moment with a more accurate understanding of the safety in your property. O-R3 ensures a thorough sweep of designated premises that leaves no blind spots unchecked. With self-charging capability, OTSAW’s security robot guard remains vigilant 24/7. The best part? No sick leaves, nor work breaks needed. With zero absenteeism guaranteed, O-R3 fulfils work shifts at all times and reduces reliance on human guards.


The Business Times

Meet OTSAW O-R3's proprietary crime fighting robot solution to the security industry's manpower crunch. Armed with data-collecting sensors to detect security abnormalities, the O-R3 is the watchdog that never sleeps.

Financial Times

With its friendly bug eyes and outline reminiscent of a smart-car, this vehicle… is actually the latest in robotics security…