Outdoor Security: OTSAW O-R3

What We Do

We develop, manufacture and deploy customized autonomous outdoor robots to patrol and protect your premises 24/7.

World’s first ground-aerial security robot

An autonomous outdoor security robot, O-R3 is able to patrol the streets with a 360 degree view, avoid dynamic obstacles, and self-charge when its energy is running out.


Powered by OTSAW AI, a confluence of computer vision, 3D SLAM, sensor fusion, UGV-UAV collaboration and advanced machine learning technology, O-R3 redefines security at an unprecedented level.

Augments security operations

O-R3’s ground-aerial collaborative surveillance system ensures a thorough sweep of designated premises that leaves no blind spots unchecked. With self-charging capability, OTSAW’s security robot guard remains vigilant 24/7. The best part? No sick leaves, nor work breaks needed. With zero absenteeism guaranteed, O-R3 fulfils work shifts at all times and reduces reliance on human guards.


The Business Times

Meet O-R3 - OTSAW Digital's proprietary crime fighting robot solution to the security industry's manpower crunch. Armed with data-collecting sensors to detect security abnormalities, the O-R3 is the watchdog that never sleeps.

Financial Times

With its friendly bug eyes and outline reminiscent of a smart-car, this vehicle… is actually the latest in robotics security…